Nikita 6

Automation Testing Engineer

Assignment description

You will be working in a core team responsible for providing different sets of tools that hundreds of developers use to develop, test and verify, both their services and client-side features for the App (both web and native client).

The main focus is the developer experience optimised for delivery of high quality products at speed. This includes developing and maintaining a different set of javascript libraries, CLI tools for the Monorepo and pipeline and a set of different core services.

You will be working closely with developers using your product, to gather input as well as to help them pick the right tools for their testing needs and also facilitate those tools in the CI/CD pipeline.

Also as part of this job is providing technical support for our developer community.

Tasks and responsibilities

●  Community support regarding automation testing issues

●  Community guidelines for testing strategies

●  Maintenance of testing tools

●  Tooling support for testing isolated features/packages

●  Strategies/code changes that will allow to run only tests related to the code change

●  Infrastructure support for testing locally and in build pipeline

Required Skill-set

●  Hands on experience with javascript testing tools e.g. Jest,Cypress, Appium, Detox.

●  Hands-on experience with CI/CD and cloud infrastructure.

●  Experience of testing complex, high-throughput systems that leverage microservice architecture.

●  Understanding iOS, Android and web applications and UI functions.

Start Date: 2021-10-15
End Date: 2022-05-15
Workload: 40h/w
Location: Stockholm


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