Senior Software Developer – 753524865-1150

Who we are
We are part of an R&D (Research & Development) organization called Safe Vehicle Automation, which develops active safety and ADAS/AD software, such as automatic steering and braking. Our team is called Vehicle Control SIL (software-in-the-loop) and we are part of a cluster of teams called SIL Environments, which aims to provide simulation environments, including tools for creating test scenarios, roads & traffic environments, obstacles and other road users, sensor models and vehicle dynamics models. The fields our team focuses on are vehicle longitudinal and lateral control, vehicle dynamics and full vehicle simulations. The larger purpose is to use our environments for faster than real-time, large-scale simulation, of a huge amount of traffic scenarios that would be impossible to encounter by doing physical in-car testing.
We are a fun, diverse team that values innovation, collaboration, and effective communication. We also enjoy after-work activities, such as go-cart and like to try new things together.

What you will do
You will contribute as a developer to our agile SCRUM team, working together on user stories in our backlog, which the team has full ownership of. The work is focused around developing simulation tools and integration of software components and models (from both internal and external suppliers) in C++, Simulink, and CarMaker. These tools aim to help other SIL, HIL (Hardware In the Loop) and DevOps SCRUM teams with testing, verification and validation of vehicle motion control and autonomous drive software. You will collaborate closely with these teams and promote early and continuous testing. You will be responsible for the quality of your work, but the team is together responsible for all deliveries.

Who you are
We are looking for a Senior Software Developer according to the criteria below, but we are also interested in talking to you who may not fully meet all of them.
As a developer in our team, you match the following criteria:
• M.Sc. in any of the fields: Physics, Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other relevant engineering degree. (You may also apply if you have learned comparable skills outside of any educational system.)
• Programming skills in any of the programming languages: C++, C#, Java, Python, Matlab
• Experience with modeling and simulation
Other meritorious skills and experiences relevant, but not required, for this position are:
• Vehicle Dynamics (e.g. CAE, design, testing, or other)
• 1D System Modeling Tools (Matlab, Simulink, Dymola, Modelica)
• Multibody simulation (MBS, ADAMS)
• Tools, SDKs (Software development kit) and Simulators for Vehicle Dynamics and Autonomous Drive (such as IPG CarMaker)
• Experience working with agile software development and test-driven development (TDD)


Start: 2023-01-02

Ramavtal: Volvo
Ansvarig: Fredrik Åqvist Wilbrand & Jonatan Sandberg

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