Software Component Responsible 753525564-0950


Component Responsible Charging Software
As Software Component Responsible (SWKA), you will belong to the SW Integration & Release team within Charging. The team is responsible for ensuring that quality-assured software is delivered to the projects on time. You will be the main interface towards both the supplier and the project management. For most software-related topics, you will be the main point of contact within the department. You will be tasked with coordinating the various work and deliveries required to meet the software releases. This includes everything from delivery of requirement specifications, to deliveries of in-house SW, to performed system tests.

This position provides an excellent opportunity to use your technical skills as well as developing your abilities as project lead.
We are looking for a person with a Master or Bachelor of Science within engineering. You should have a technical interest and experience of working with project management, software development, software testing, or software design. We want to see that you are organized, have great social skills, and can communicate well both verbally and in written format.
This role requires that you are comfortable with taking initiative and have an analytic mind. 

You need to have strong English language skills, both verbally and in writing.

It is meritorious if you have experience as /of/about:
• Software team leader
• Project Management
• Model Based Development (MBD) 
• Working with system requirements
• On-Board Charger functionality
• DC/DC converter functionality
• Charging standards: AC, CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/T, ChaoJi
• AUTOSAR architecture and development
• Working with an agile framework

Start: 2023-06-01
Period: 2024-05-31
Location: Göteborg
Scope: 100%