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Linux C/C++ Utvecklare – STÄNGD (Stängd)

Our customer is looking for a Linux C/C++ development consultant. Below is a more detailed description of the team where we need the consultant and what the assignment includes. Candidates with the ability to start immediately are prioritized and assignment period is six months.

Description of the team:

The Tech Middleware Team design, implement and maintain middleware software used by other teams and external customers which communicates with the eye tracker hardware. The products and deliverables include Stream Engine – which is a cross-platform low-level client library and API for communicating and configuring eye tracker hardware as well as the Platform Development Kit (PDK). Software is implemented in C and C++, but smaller parts are also implemented in C#. The Stream Engine client library communicates with background services via IPC and the services in turn communicates directly with firmware in the tracker via USB, HID and proprietary protocols. The Middleware team works closely with other teams which builds other software, SDKs and applications on top of Stream Engine.

Motivation behind assignment:

– The team needs to strengthen Linux development and needs a developer that is great at Linux development and C/C++ but is also positive to work with software development on other platforms like e.g. Windows and MacOS.

Responsibilities/work assignment:

– Solving challenging and rewarding development tasks and problem solving in tight cooperation with colleagues

– Together with the team design, build and maintain cross-platform middleware software: services and client libraries for Eye Tracking

– Responsible for implementing new functionality, implement support for new hardware and fixing issues in existing code

– Responsible for software deliverables to other teams and external partners as well as technically supporting internal and external users

Personal Traits (Must haves):

– A team player that likes to perform tasks and solve problems together with others

– Someone that is self-driven, find and propose solutions to problems and challenges

– Someone who thinks knowledge-sharing is important, is easy going and invite and participate in discussions with team members and members of other teams

– Someone who has a passion for software development and producing readable, reusable and efficient code

– Someone who likes working in a climate where quick changes and new priorities is part of everyday work

Experience (Must haves):

– Has experience and knowledge in Linux system and application development

– Knows C and C++ development and excels in this area

– Has previous experience of designing and implementing inter-process communication (IPC) between applications

– Working experience minimum 3 years as a developer

Nice to haves:

– Experience from service, daemon or driver development

– Experience from embedded or mobile platform development

– Understands protocol and IPC design principles and have developed application level protocols

– Experience and know-how of HID protocols and HID implementations.

– Experience and know-how in Test Driven Development (TDD)

– Experience and knowledge of Agile/Kanban/Scrum

– Experience and knowledge of GIT/GIT-workflows or similar version control systems

– Experience or knowledge in development on Window and/or MacOS

– Experience from code review processes

– Knowns build systems like CMake, make, MSBuild etc.

Start: Omgående
Omfattning: 100%
Längd: 6 månader


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