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Special Effect Artist – STÄNGD (Stängd)

Our client are now looking for a new Special Effect Artist to create motions and animations of 3D and 2D for their streaming services.

As a consultant you will be responsible for bringing life to their apps in terms of motions and animations targeting both adults and kids.

As a Special Effect Artist of the team you will be expected to:
• Work closely with the Art Director, UI Designer and UX Designer to help assist them creating motion of their concepts.
• Create motion and animations and special effects that can be used across all our platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop, tv)
• Help assist our teams of developers for web, iOS, Android and Samsung TV to introduce motion and animations and special effects in our apps.

We believe that you have experience in:
• Post productions
• Special effects
• Motions
• After effects
• Any 3D software like Maya, 3dxMax or Zbrush

Our client are a Swedish speaking company so would prefer you to at least have a basic knowledge of Swedish.


  • Post productions
  • Special Effects
  • Motions
  • After Effect
  • Java
  • Animations

Start: 4/8
Omfattning: 100%
Slut: Tillsvidare



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